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quick update and happy cinco de mayo

h'ok so i guess i can update real quicklike...sorry i haven't been around much but honestly I've been working @ 5 am got a promotion @ work I'm no longer slinging chicken but running the bread aisle instead.  I'm doing ok honestly I guess I cant do worse I could do better... but life is working itsself out the way it needs to right now y'know.

I work I sleep I go home and its DODGER BASEBALL SEASON!!! I really need to get home so I can get ready for mannywood and cinco de mayo. 

Also I've started work on a full sleeve so here are some photos of the inital piece of work that its going to be built off of...I go back in this monday for an 8 hour session this skull took 6 holy hell am I going to be sore...I'm thinking we're going to pound out as much of it as we can so a session every 2 weeks or so.  I plan on keeping y'all updated on the process  Sorry for shitty photos its hard to get good ones of your forearm... well go in progression the first is before we added the color to the bottom the middle is a shitty after i unwrapped it pic and the third is a couple of days into the healing process



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May. 5th, 2009 10:02 pm (UTC)
That is gonna be one Nice piece of art, dear.

You might consider having your artist do a couple of pic's just before they start work on the next session. that will get you the best, clean/healed pictures of each stage.

and in a few days we can have good pictures of this stage. *grin*

*snug* I'm glad things are going O.K. for you now.

Looking forward to your next update.
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